Managing Remote Devices

Managing Remote Devices

Cyber Security to monitor and manage remote devices connected to the network of a London based Construction company

Soon after the start of lockdown, we were approached by a London based construction company with some 40 ‘key workers’. 

These workers traditionally operated from sites around the Capital with one day a week in the head office.  With the advent of lockdown the weekly office visits were stopped and the management became concerned about the on-going management and security of the key workers PCs.

Working with their internal IT team and using Microsoft 365, SY were able to design and implement a standard PC structure and application whitelist to be deployed over the internet so that the laptop PCs could be fully managed centrally.  Our technical team also managed the application packaging to ensure that all required software would be automatically installed.

With the PC application list managed by user groups, we liaised with the users remotely to confirm all their data was uploaded to their One-Drive/SharePoint and then the PCs reset. 

With this done, the users simply needed to log in at the Windows prompt with their email address/password and MFA (multi-factor authentication) code to initiate the build and application deployment.

By utilising Microsoft In-Tune, we were able to deploy all the client’s required security standards and monitor them in real time using Defender for Endpoint.

This process allowed our client to completely move away from on-premise servers and gain full control over remote devices.

With this completed, we further enhanced the organisation’s security by creating a similar policy to manage their user’s mobile devices. 

As well as providing a very secure computing platform, this project significantly reduced costs. The reduction in support calls from users not only means cost savings but also, by reducing the number of support incidents, a dramatically improved experience for the users.

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