About Us

Trusted Technology Partner with 20+ Years of Experience in Translating Geeky Jargon into Practical Business Solutions.

What We're About

Providing AI Integration, Automated Workflows designed & implemented for SMBs in all industries.

SY has been in the tech world for 20+ years translating geeky jargon into practical business solutions for our clients. The reason why, that’s what we know and what we do best.  Our focus is on Microsoft 365 and Power Suite (Power BI, Apps & Automate) to deliver a modern workplace.

We’re all about working  in a business-friendly way to provide a genuine return on investments and supporting our clients through their growth journey.

We have a proven track record in helping our customers improve productivity and reduce costs through implementing business workflow technology and the way we go about this is to:

  • Use tools readily available in your Microsoft 365 software
  • Use a cloud platform, so no hardware investment or support needed
  • No commitment until – you – the client sees the developed tools in action
  • Monthly payments so you can enjoy an immediate return on investment
  • Have our own UK based team of developers so we can develop cost effective solutions fast

Meet the Team

Delivering the very best customer service

Elliot Snook


Guy Snook

Managing Director

Charlie Hunt


Salomé Snook


Daniel King


Fatima Ahmed


Matthew Farrant


Eddie Barnes


Tracy Daniells


Victory Mpokosa