Implementing ISO 9001

SY Limited has committed to the process of implementing ISO 9001. 

It give us the opportunity to demonstrate we are serious about what we do and that we deliver our services to a high business standard recognised by a governing certified body. Quality, Process, Consistency and continuous improvement is our minimum standard.

Four reasons we're working towards the standards of ISO 9001.

ISO will guide us to maintain a systematic approach to quality management, streamlined processes and workflows to reduce errors, rework and duplication.

In adopting the ISO method we will continue strive to be a culture of continuous improvement in our internal operations and build a reputation of credibility with our clients. To stay ahead of the curve in the technology industry to provide even better value to our customers.

Improve our processes and efficiency, faster delivery, with greater customer service and satisfaction

We aim to deliver quality products/services that consistently exceed customer expectations and align with their vision

Making it our objective to engage, be proactive and meet our customers’ needs . Building long-lasting partnerships on trust and reliability and giving clients the confidence they are choosing and are working with a trusted partner.