Secure AI Integration, designed & implemented for businesses in all industries.

SY has been in the tech world for 20+ years translating geeky jargon into practical business solutions for our clients.

What We Do

Maximise the power of your best people

Productivity Tools

AI Integration. Eliminate repetitive time-consuming tasks and bottlenecks. Automate and streamline your processes into one place, so you can focus on adding real value to your business.

Cyber Security

Protect your hard-earned successes from malicious opportunists. Arm your defenses and equip your team to fight cyber attacks with advanced threat detection and resilience training.

IT Services

Invest in a partnership that genuinely cares how they bring IT to you. Delivering robust and forward-thinking solutions. We specialise in small businesses that work in highly regulated industries.

About Us

The IT team that's not bound by convention.

During our 20 years of existence, SY has been fortunate to witness technological expansion across a huge range of businesses and industries. We are run on the belief that technology has the power to change the business world, the power to give innovative SMBs the platform to truly rival big business, and the ability to empower employees to realise their full potential.  

We put our continued success down to a few key reasons: 

We are invested in the success of our clients; we like to see ourselves as a true partner to our client’s businesses as we listen and encourage open dialogue to find the optimum solutions bespoke to their needs 

Return on investment is king; no over-solutioning, no jumping on the latest trends, we only design and implement solutions which we believe will change your business for the better

The best relationships are built on trust and openness; when working with SY you won’t be diverted to call centres, you’ll find real discussion with a familiar face who learns your business over time to give you the support you need 

We understand business; SY’s experienced team is dedicated to solving real life business problems, we just happen to believe that technology is the best space to achieve this goal. With SY, you will find a team oriented on results that increase scale, profit or security in your company with flexibility, proactivity and innovative thinking at the forefront of our service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our services

SY have been providing IT services to small and medium- sized businesses for 20 years. We pride ourselves on delivering robust and forward-thinking solutions to support our clients.

In summary, we deliver technology for productivity & cyber security. Working with key software vendors we can ensure that your company is getting the most from the latest technology as well as making sure that your data is protected.

Our business is based around the needs of small and mid-sized business. With our years of experience in this sector, we can communicate complex technical issues in a clear way to help steer good IT decision making for your company. Our technical support team is staffed by top quality engineers that you can contact direct – without having to work through call centres or ‘first line’ filtering that is so common in this industry.

SY set out to give our clients the best quality service, but this can’t be delivered just by charging more. By utilising the latest cloud-based computing we ensure that our clients have the most suitable IT structure for their organisation, and that the system is designed and implemented in a way that keeps IT support calls to an absolute minimum. By doing this, we can make sure that you get really good quality services as well as reducing your costs.

Maximise the power of your best people

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