IT Services

What do you expect from your IT company?

Does this sound about right? An honest responsive IT partner you enjoy working with that provides cost effective, reliable, IT solutions to suit your business, and one, that understands and values its customers.

Join SY at a Live Event

Streamline your business operations with our custom automation solutions in person at our next live demonstration on 26 April 2023 in Manchester

We understand the fundamentals of running a successful business and believe your IT needs to reflect that.

Reducing costs and scaling up on a secure platform is just the start! Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients are really saying, it’s their opinion that really counts.  

Ongoing IT Support 

Our friendly, knowledgeable tech team will be here when you need them to solve any issues you throw their way! Every call is important, we’re here to support – you – our clients

Cloud Technology

We’re a Microsoft Partner with a team of cloud specialists that will make your transition and training, a seamless journey to the cloud. Once you’re fully at home in the cloud, you can be sure we’ll continue to manage those services while leaving you, to manage your business.

Are you fully Backed-Up with a Business Continuity plan

Though these two are related there is a difference.  You can be confident we’ll advise you on putting the right solutions in place that backs up your actual data as well as putting a business continuity plan in place that allows you to keep you keep working.

A robust IT Infrastructure for your Business

We can design, implement and maintain a stable and secure  IT infrastructure that’s right for your business, with the flexibility to expand as you do.

Your support call rate should drop to well below that of a few years ago, and you should expect to see reduced costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about IT Services

IT support is being able to easily contact an experienced engineer who can resolve any problems you’re experiencing and access your PC remotely if necessary.

We don’t believe in call queues, recorded messages, 1st line call management, account codes, etc. Just smart and helpful people who can get you working again.

With a well planned and implemented cloud-based IT platform, your call rates should be well below those of just a few years ago. With reduced call rates, you should expect to see reduced prices. 

We like to describe ourselves as a ‘boutique IT company’. Our engineering team is just that – a team – that works closely together to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible support at the best possible price. It is a bit of a cliché, but we build mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients and, in doing that, continue to grow a business that we’re proud of.

Get in touch with a technology partner that really understands IT for Small Business

SY can support your IT needs in so many ways. You may be considering migrating to the cloud or have questions around automating or strengthening your existing system while reducing costs. Let’s have a discussion to check your IT’s robust and secure and it’s giving you the return on your investment.