Productivity Tools

With secure AI integration and automated workflows you can enhance system efficiency and boost productivity.

Connect and automate systems you already have, know and use on a trusted platform, Microsoft 365. By integrating Microsoft Power Apps you can create seamless workflows and stay focussed on growing your business.

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How we bring productivity to your business

By leveraging productivity workflow tools in your system you can eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks that clutter the minds and desktops of your workforce. In return you can achieve a happier and more productive team, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. 

When you handover the onerous tasks to technology you can focus your energy into adding real value to your business.

SY combines expertise in business leadership, process management, IT specialisation with a team of UK based Microsoft developers to maximise the potential in your Microsoft 365 systems, using Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, SharePoint and many more tools.

We build workflows to consolidate all of your data, take pre-defined actions, and calculate solutions to improve your existing processes as well as improve client and employee satisfaction.

We work solely with small and medium-sized businesses with a focus of return on investment. We’ve helped business scale without the need to hire, and elevate the jobs their team are currently doing beyond repetitive admin.

Common solutions:

  • Integrating Tech and AI solutions to improve business productivity
  • Estimating/Costing documentation and client quote dashboard
  • Purchasing/Resource costing integration with original estimates and P&L reporting
  • Work allocation/Job Scoping. Task management, Time recording, Utilisation reporting
  • Completed works recording, Project tracking, Milestones, Reporting & Automated Invoice triggering

Design and Delivery Journey

Initial Brief and Requirements Gathering

Start a no-obligation discussion with our experienced Process Strategy Team to discuss any tasks or processes that continually eat up your valuable time

Project Scope, Price and ROI

Within weeks you will get a tailored proposal presented back to you, with a full write up of how we can save you time and money


Once you’re happy, our dedicated developer team will turn around our agreed solution in a matter of weeks

Demo and Refinement

Fine tune your solution – you're not committed to anything until you approve the working demo and payment is only after your solution is operational

Implementation and Support

We're not only developers, our end-to-end solution means we’ll get hands-on to make sure all of your team can make the most out of your new system


Benefit from your new streamlined business. Your team can spend more time focusing on the value add, and you can free up bottlenecks to your growth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Productivity Tools

Technology has developed dramatically in the last few years and – with Microsoft 365 – is easily and cheaply accessible. Because of this, a multitude of tasks can be automated to make your business more efficient, and free up time for your employees.

Most organisations have admin bottle-necks where the flow of work is interrupted because of simple but time consuming (and boring) manual tasks. By utilising technology to automate these, they can be completed more accurately and efficiently, eliminating errors and saving bottom line costs.

As well as driving efficiency, we can help you to analyse data that already exists in your organisation in different applications to help you see what’s happening in real time.

SY Limited complete projects ranging from a simple document workflow or automated authorisation process right up to a fully functioned MRP. The thing our projects have in common is that they will demonstrate a very short ‘pay-back’ period and will result in an overall cost saving.

All of our solutions are Microsoft 365 based so that they can be delivered quickly and without the need to invest in – or maintain – hardware and software. This also means that you can access data from any internet connected location and a full suite of security and business continuity applications are easily available to protect your data.

Transform Your Business with AI Integration

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