Cyber Security

Prevent, Detect and Respond. 

Keep one step ahead and protect your business, users, devices and data.

Cyber Security


As we’re now living in a world that’s dependent on technology, the subject of security can be overwhelming but it’s an essential to have in place to protect your valuable business. 

No matter where your team are working, this surveillance tool keeps a watchful eye for any suspicious threats, as your users sign into your IT environment to access data in email, SharePoint, OneDrive, TEAMS, or are sharing attachments and links. 

We can help ease that concern with a discussion or two around this  industry recognised software intended to Prevent, Detect and Respond

We can remotely activate this, at any point, to get everything covered on all devices: 

Managing Access | Securing your Cloud Environment and Apps | Protecting your Sensitive Data | 

You can stay focused on running your business, knowing we’re here managing and monitoring your IT scene.

PROTECT DEVICES in the hands of a dispersed team

With a rising trend in hybrid working, businesses are faced with the challenge of managing and keeping devices secure, while, in the hands of their scattered teams. 

This is where we can help with a Microsoft cloud-based solution that will manage and check any device you’ve agreed a user can use to access your network. You can relax, knowing you’re in control of how your data is being handled from any of those laptops, pcs, tablets or mobiles that are out of the office. Another feature to give you peace of mind, is that at any time, you can disable any of these devices accessing your IT environment, say, one is lost or stolen.

Putting these security steps in place keeps you in control of your business and gives your teams the confidence they can be secure and productive anywhere.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Staying One Step Ahead of Cyber Attacks

We offer a wide range of services to help keep you one step ahead of cyber attacks.

It’s known a number of hacks do come from outside of the UK and it can be concerning when your users are out of the country on business or on leave but may still need to log-on when abroad. 

We’ve helped our clients to stay one step ahead in creating an agreed geo-graphical list to restrict access to their data outside of these locations. It’s an additional layer that helps to lock out phishing and hacking attacks by strengthening their defenses.

Our clients often ask if it’s possible to create a list of all work-related apps they agree their teams should have on their devices to be productive. These lists are known as ‘Whitelists’ and are created and organised by departments or groups and tailored to each company. 

If at any point you have a new or existing app you need to push out to everyone, including your scattered workforce, this is something we can easily arrange. 

This can prevent anyone accidently installing any apps or software, not on the list, that may compromise your company data.

For maximum security, all agreed apps are automatically patched and kept up to date regularly on all devices.

We create a quarterly report for all our clients so they’re on top of where they are on their Cyber Security journey.  We  base this on the cyber essentials questionnaire, as well, FCA regulations that come up for a number of our clients.  The report does include a Pen Test – that is designed to check and identify any potential vulnerable, security flaws in your IT network. 

This reporting and testing keeps our clients informed of where they are with their IT security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Cyber Security

Cyber security is simply making sure your organisation has the right level of protection to keep your users and data safe from criminals.

Although – on the face of it – this is quite simple, it isn’t a case of one size fits all. In the same way that a jewellery store needs a better alarm than a fish & chip shop, we need to carefully align your business to its cyber security needs. In doing this we can make sure that you have the peace of mind that you are properly protected in the most cost-effective way. 

SY has a master document – known internally as the Traffic Light Report – that has our clients listed with a colour coding against each aspect of Cyber Security. We have based this report to be in line with the Government’s Cyber Essentials accreditation and added our own experience. We update the ‘Traffic Light’ report regularly and share it with our clients to ensure that their security is always up to date and meeting their business needs.

We use a personalised ‘Traffic Light’ report that we run through with you every three months to make sure that you understand the level of security that you have in place and also can see that it is managed and supported in real time.

Keep one step ahead and protect your business with Cyber Security. Don’t hesitate to Get in touch.

We find Cyber Security discussions usually begin with new and existing clients questioning, exploring and looking for clarity. We don’t believe one size fits all as each customer is unique. If you’re researching and gathering information just now, why not connect with SY for some clear, simple advice to put your mind at rest.