Spot & Unblock the Bottlenecks

Spot and Unlock the Bottlenecks

An agency that provides home care workers to people across London needed some help in setting up workflows in Microsoft 365 for file sharing and handling sensitive data. As well as email management and an integrated computer structure at their head office.

Unblocking the bottlenecks

Duplication and re-keying was slowing down the flow of their business! We identified an obvious block, where users were prone to creating the same ‘new client’ profile and record in various folders in different file locations.

We set our, in-house, development team to work and they were able to set up a quick ‘Power App’ in Microsoft 365 that would automatically create ‘one’ new client file (to their agreed specification) that couldn’t be duplicated.  This would be a start to unblocking the bottlenecks!

So now, when creating a new client profile, the system creates a screen for users to enter the individual’s information (name, address, etc). As they complete it and click on the ‘setup’ button a folder is automatically created with the client’s name in their customer file directory. Within this folder the system automatically generates 12 standard documents (from templates) with all the profile information.

The technology automatically handles all the recreating and duplicating needed. The big change here all the files and folders are always in the right place for users to find and use. Re-keying errors are eliminated, the user experience has changed and lots of time is saved!

Another important factor, as they are holding sensitive data, we automatically implemented the appropriate GDPR policy on each folder for data retention.

Integrated Computer System and email management

With all their PCs on a local network and a basic IMAP email platform their other immediate issue was around email management.

The SY team were initially engaged to configure Microsoft 365 and migrate their existing email and client data to a central shared location.

This work was completed efficiently – with the migration done and all the PCs tested and joined to Microsoft active directory. We completed this over a weekend so that users were able to work as normal when they arrived at work first thing Monday, resulting in zero downtime.

A happy client with sensitive data secured in the cloud, properly managed email and a business process that flows and avoids duplication and re-keying

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