Cost Effective AI Automation for Construction

Transform Your Business with AI Solutions

Boost Your Bottom Line: Take control of Every Project’s P&L with
AI Solutions tailored around your business processes.

Unlock Efficiency: Embrace AI-Driven Automation Solutions

Wave goodbye to the patchwork of unconnected systems and the all-too-familiar maze of spreadsheets that traditionally run a business.

Embrace the future with AI-driven automation into your current systems with bespoke solutions, specific to your needs. Integrate Microsoft 365 to gain insight and control over your P&L and operational efficiency at a price that makes it cost-effective to your business.

The benefits are hard to ignore. While manual processes may get the job done, the introduction of automation sees workflows accelerate, efficiency soar, and systems work better together.

Interested in how you might streamline your workflows and gain an edge with automation?  We’ll share valuable insights into how other companies likes yours are automating.  Book a brief, no-obligation TEAMS meet with our knowledgeable UK-based team.

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Client Transformations: Unveiling Critical Benefits

Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations. Automate admin tasks with Power Apps in Microsoft 365.

A construction business was struggling to manage the numerous tasks from their maze of spreadsheets and unconnected systems to run their business.

They were able to say goodbye to the admin grind, reduce operational bottlenecks and see efficiency soar as we transformed their complex processes into a robust automated system with their MSFT 365.

Task and works management, email alerts, third party costing tools were at the fingertips of project managers and onsite workers to access anywhere on approved mobile devices to keep the process moving!

Accurately record and calculate Project Setup costs

Onsite project setup requires estimating and recording of travel cost, time and distance – a small yet vital bit of project costing.

Cut Project Prep Time:
Swap manual travel estimates for our automated mapping in MSFT 365. Get precise costings, improve P&L accuracy, and boost your bottom line in half the time.

Refine Internal Project Allocation

Our internal works allocation and management of projects to our development team is critical to the profitability of running our business. 

Using MSFT 365 with automation we have a comprehensive understanding of our own internal project allocation.  Easily managing estimates, project P&L but also having a clear view of employee productivity which allows us to consistently deliver your projects on time and within budget☺

Simplify Estimates and Quotes

An estimating and quotation process with mix of spreadsheets and manual process can be complex and challenging to manage throughout a job from start to finish.

Transform Excel chaos to clarity—with MSFT 365 and automation we can deliver a clear multi-user dashboard to manage enquiries, assign users to tasks with prompts and deadlines. Give you insights to manage your project P&L. Create digital quotes with e-signature for client approval as well as maintain an audit trail.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Intelligent Automation for Construction

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