AI Integration, Automated Workflows for SMBs with Microsoft 365

We can help you figure out which of your processes/systems would benefit most from automation and implement the right solutions to match your business.

From quotes, material ordering, document management, doc signing, invoice matching, connect your CRM, populate forms, copying data from one place to another, image/ID recognition tools.


Will automation work for your business? If you answer no to more than two questions then we can help!

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  1. Do you have a way of automatically getting your quotations and costing information into your work scheduling and business operation tool?
  2. Do you have a quotation system that integrates to create ‘opportunities’ in your CRM?
  3. Do you have visibility and management of your staff utilisation and efficiency?
  4. Can you forecast workloads across your staff members?
  5. Do you have a simple view of projects/works progress through your organisation?
  6. Do you have a real-time view of job/project profitability against original quotation budgets?
  7. Do you have tools in place to manage documentation and storage for client information?
  8. Do you have automated alerts for staff members and managers to support job completion and communication?
  9. Do you have automated emails in place to keep customers updated on progress of their projects or completed works?
  10. Do you have digital signatures/automated response documents to keep your suppliers and clients fully updated?
  11. Do you have a system that links into your financial application (Xero, Quickbooks, Sage …) to alert finance staff/raise invoices when works are completed ?

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