A Journey to the Cloud

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A new client comes onboard to migrate to the cloud

Our tech team were gearing up to migrate a new client’s IT system from an on-premise server to the cloud.  The migration would begin over the weekend to avoid xero down-time during the client’s critical working hours.

All their vital data, phones and some 400 email boxes were sitting on an ancient server, in their office, that was that was about to keel over any day. 

Micro summary of the project 

They had an on-premise email exchange they wanted to migrate to 365

Two phones systems in place, one on-premise and the other cloud-based

Two networks, one for phones and one for data

They had big data that needed a big clean up

Next Steps

Our new client was now ready to make the transition, but understandably, they were quite anxious as they’d been working from an on-premise server since … They expressed the shift was daunting but they were ready to make that move.

Behind the Scenes

Planning is critical with this type of project but our tech team set to work and rolled up their sleeves to delve into the nitty gritty.  There were numerous collaborative client discussions over TEAMS as well as onsite meetings as between us we began to unravel the mass of hoarded data that needed sifting and cleaning up. As mentioned earlier the client expressed their concerns they’d been using a system for decades that still worked, but the nagging thought in their mind, repeatedly, reminded them it was imperative to take that step to upgrade.  Having said that they voiced very loudly the idea of a fresh clean environment, was very appealing indeed.

The work begins

It wasn’t a case of just taking over their IT, a thorough staged plan on a dummy site was to be put in place and tested before the full migration.  

Some items from the Tech Team’s  Checklist

What are their Key business applications – how are they configured, which users need access

Email – how many boxes and which ones do they actually need. Those no longer in use may need forwarding.

Shared Files Access: permission setting with exceptions. 

Shared Mailboxes

Create a list of the current end users and organise them into groups etc 

Groups, User Lists

Processes – what’s in place now how that will move or change

Now our tech team have unstitched each thread of the current IT structure and the way it operates they now have a blank canvas to recreate a clean fresh test site. 

Our tech team unstitched each thread of the current IT infrastructure to start with a blank canvas and recreate a clean fresh test site. 

Before the big move, an essential part of the process  was to ensure the latest updates were loaded onto devices, particularly those that hadn’t  been switched on in a while.  Maybe a user had been on maternity or sabbatical leave or hadn’t worked in the office for a while.

The real action begins as we connect to Azure AD and test each device/user can access their work applications. This amazing tool – Azure – allows our tech guys to manage users as well as push out instructions/commands remotely onto machines in one quick swoop. 

Nothing is deleted from the old server as there is usually a document or two they’ve forgotten they needed.

Monday Morning

The client comes in ready for business as usual. Our tech team are on site as users login on and we’re able to support them with any minor teething issues.

Client’s Post Migration

We now have a modern workplace that gives our teams the flexibility to work securely from anywhere. It gave us the opportunity to have a big clean up and clear out the old stuff from our new system. We’re much more organised and access is dramatically quicker. Our migration has reduced our support costs and support calls.  We have now a secure robust IT systems that works far beyond our expectation and is fully managed.

Other Insights

20th Anniversary of SY Limited

Implementing ISO 9001

Implementing ISO 9001 SY Limited has committed to the process of implementing ISO 9001.  It give us the opportunity to demonstrate we are serious about